Friday, December 24, 2010

quick Power neck and abs

what a nice and quiet place!

its 24 December 2010 guys. Christmas eve and the weather is unusual good so i could not resist to rush in the park and do a bit of strenght exercises to burn out all the good sweets and fats i am putting in this season. I could not refuse any so i must keep up with the food i am taking in ! Hope you don't get scarred
                                                           -Merry Christmas to y'all !!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

This Christmas i gave you 4 dollars

With my very first pair of Jordan's i also got a pair of laces to save the people of Africa. Nike has said that it will donate a 100% of the profits from this sale to the Lives of Africa.
   Beware people -This laces have been designed to fight Aids in Africa.
If buying a pair of laces it`s all it takes to stop Aids i am thrilled to help and will happily take one thoe, i didn't buy them. :))
-What else can i say, i think the shoes look pretty cool with the red laces and they will bring me lots of income as i will wear them only on specific occasions.

Woow !

Look what Santa brought me ! A brand new pair of Squirrels :)) in my attic. Last night my dog was barking like a mad dog and i wanted to kill him ! He knew better, king of the house and look what we discovered. We trapped them really quick and will be set into the wilds soon. Lucky ones !
 This made me remember when i was a kid at my grandpa`s house we had allot of water leaks and swarming around in the dark allot of rats. We would set up huge cages almost as big as a little man would fit in there. Right the next morning the ugliest screams woke me up, just like a baby shouting from the bottom of his soul. My grandpa was holding up one of the cages with the biggest rat i ever saw in my life, the tail was twice as long and with hair, he had the ugliest teeth. I'm getting chills all over just remembering Brrr...  Bunelu said ``Look here what i have for you a Guzgan ``(that's how we used to call the big ones).
He put the cage down and with a huge screwdriver started to stab the rat. It took a few tries until the first one pierced him and the blood started flowing and it took at least another 25 times until he was silenced. Those where the ugliest screams i ever heard in my life.
And the moral of the story is: -Kids, don't try this at home please, unless you have a tough grandfather next to you !
                                           This two got lucky, this Christmas
I'm getting chills just looking at this one. I know i would not want to spend the night in there.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A piece of wisdom

   Like i said, not all Legends are about Victory. Some are about struggle, tears and pain. Finding out who you are and the reason for being here. Some times our greatest fears give us the power to stay driven, focused and strong.
There is always a little fire left Evan after the biggest storms !

                                              This is a special message for someone dear to me.

A put away diamond will never stop shinning . It just has to come back to light !

Friday, December 10, 2010

Things i Like, keep and collect !

I love my dog Popi Boo called Shmigol.
I love my Job, I always wanted to be a good trainer. Now under the supervision of Rich Barretta i can excel in my work.
I like to help people evan if most of the time i let go from my goals to please them. It completes me.
I love Protein, Supplements and i like to know as much as i could about them.
I love when old fashion people contradict me about Supplements and i can explain and amaze or upset them.
I need to be Humble evan if i am right.
I enjoy my hobby (its a secret for the people back home) i want to realize it by March 2011
I love Healthy Cheap food - Pump, Energy Kitchen, Taco Expres.
I love to save my money. Cash is King!
I love Theater, Broadway shows and Opera.
I used to love READING.
I love to travel.
I like jewelry that i gather and colect.
I love watches, i am mesmerized by them but would never wear one.
Im thinking i will open a luxury watches store some day.

More to come !

Sunday, November 7, 2010

World Heavy Weight Tittle at 45 years old !

How is it possible 20years later after losing the title to come back and win it over again?
George Foreman did it !
in my opinion he is the smartest Boxing athlete in worlds history!
so what does it takes to do that ? ill tell u right away
Power of will.
Devotion,  Hard Work, Lots of Tears, Sweat and Headaches plus a crazy dieting.
Shattered dreams that haunt you and you need to solve them. - Don't we all have one of that ?? i mean after getting my ass down to the canvas by Muhammad Ali i would just want to dig my own hole and lay down there forever.
Foreman comes back, goes down and dirty at age 45 diets to a 250pownds and wins the world title after a Knockout in the 10th.round. Plus he builds a Huge Millions making empire and has a tight big people family in Texas.
Yes my friends a Knockout, when do you see this days a clean nice knockout? ill tell u, since Mike Tyson!
-Knockout power is called. That is what most Violent athletes this days are missing.
i want to see fights with people get knocked out clean.. Who's with me ?

 This is Foreman punching Muhammad Ali in the gut! He got knocked out that day at the famous Rumble in the Jungle that everybody is raving about and remembers.
  Check him out today in his garage at home in Texas, i don't know about you but i would be nice and comfortable living in there, no questions asked !

Saturday, November 6, 2010

my doggs !

This is Famous Aiax! my brother brought him home when he was a fistful and since then he became my brother and my protegee! In Romania you get a dog to protect you not for company but Aiax needed my protection. We have allot of stray pittbuls and rottweilers that people kick to the streets when they grow too big! all the time when we where going out for a walk my pockets where full of rocks! The best thing about Aiax was that he would always wait for me to get home at 4am to come sleep with me! Hes my best friend and i miss him so..

Tanase and The infamous POpi Boo! look just alike just that popi is white with spots and he lacks the hair !

good news !

i got news today! im on rich barretta`s students trainers list !
check this out you nubs !
who`s the biggest and the bestest ?? after RB !? my name is RB too ! funny..

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My first Baseball game

 went yesterday with my friends R and M de papi, to Flushing stadium for my first Baseball game.      The NY METS vs. ATLANTA BRAVES
 I didn't feel like and always tough it was a boring long game where nothing is happening. Wrong!!
 It`s a experience and you have to go. The place is huge, going up the escalator i got up and all the bright shinny lights hit me, the green field and the people swarming around like little ants. The place was 50% full but it still looked like allot of people gathered around.
  Well the baseball game was about to start, on the green, 5 little green soldiers and a tired lady singing the National American An tom. She was the daughter of The guy who sells the Goya beans. They gave 10 thousand pounds of food to the poor so she got to sang the Song. I guess more MSG coming our way soon, get ready. It gets me furious! Well.. we`ll talk about that next time.
 -None knew when they started, i personally tough the little ants down there where still warming up. And it was cold! oo it got cold!
 I didn't eat all day and i always heard people talking about the foods at the stadium so i went to get foods!
They had the famous Shake Shak so i had do indulge- it got to 4 burgers, 1 chicken something, 3 beers lots of onions and tomatoes. All this got to 50$ . After i ate and Alcoholized the game seemed interesting, oo now i understand!! We started goofing around to the camera, starting waves that no one continued and bugging the people sitting in  front, back and to the sides :) . Game over, get to the 7train get home at 12. Had fun, ate bad good foods, got drunk, bugged people, what else could u want from a Baseball game?
good nigh
Radu drunk at the Stadium

1 times.

My first time

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

us and popi at the chelsea piers dog park

Our lovely Hairless Chinese Crested. He is the apple of our eye. We love popi so much.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

6 best foods?

  I'm starting every day now lately with fruits, not any fruits but berries ! On a empty stomach right after waking up i take a fistfull of this little round sour things and get going around the block munching on them with a ridiculous expression on my face.
   I remember in high school we had clarinet auditions on stage with a lot of people as guests. There was always were a few of my friends licking on a Lemon while others were performing on stage. You can just imagine what was happening.
  This Chinese doctor that recived the Nobel price for Nutrition last year said ``whenever you put something in your mouth and it tastes good, spit it out! It`s bad for you." I guess everyone can take that as they want :) .. if you know what i mean.
  I have my own advice i give to all my friends and clients. - If you want the machine to function properly, put the right Gas inside!
Take a guess before i start listing the 6 Best things for your body to eat:

-Red wine-  house made with no sweetners added (im not alcoholic, 1 glass leads to finishing the bottle)
-Red Meat-  fish/salmon                                        (try different kinds, salmon tends to get dry and tasteless)
-Blueberries-     Told ya                                        (i like them, it helps me alot, i recommend :)
-Nuts-         they specify alamonds                        (most of them salted, makes the body retain water)
-Brocoli-     well..                                                 (makes you fart, i prefer fruits in front of veggies)-Yogurt--Yogurt-     HomeMade! Anyone, can i borrow a cow? (the sugary things they sell everywhere will give you diabetes and its strictly about the house made kefir, trust me, i know!

My advice- Set a personal recod in everything and improve it with every move! When eating, MODERATION is Key! Have a little of everything, enjoy simple things like food that life has to offer. Don't go on strict diets that will depress you or start starving yourself.
The little things in life like preparing a meal, walking the dog, woking, helping people is what really makes us happy!

Monday, September 13, 2010

hello Asbury Park

  Another sleepless night of mine surfing the internet and playing -Warcraft Dota- made me rememer the nice passed summer witch i spent at the Jersey Shore. Its a small town and quiet but i found something to fill my time with. There is a Fighting Gym there called Real Fighting Gym run by -sensei Brian Wright- he also owns a line of clothing and training gear that keeps him busy.
  There are a lot of nice guys, good, hard working fighters - i was most impressed by Rich not just his martial arts skills but his devotion to martial arts and calm nature that sets him above the mediocre member of a small town gym. As they say, a small dimond shines the same, evan a small town like Asbury Park can shine and the reason is Real ! If you are around the area and into martial arts, i suggest you give the place a try. Most mma places focus more on the whole package, but Real has a separate Boxing class which i personally like.
  i have a surprise for you of course

Sunday, September 12, 2010

keeping busy!

Today starts with a story from when after 2 years of America, one day at my work, while doing massage i lifted my shirt up and i was terrified. I couldn`t see my fly because of the belly i got from eating Mc.Dees, cheese pies, chocolate chip cookies and all thoes US famous sweets. The next day one of my good friends took me to the Metropolitan Museum of Art here in New York and showed me the statue of a Greek god praising me that i might be the today reincarnation of the statues. I was big yes! Little that he knew, i was dressed and the shame was under the nice and expensive Silk shirt.
 I made a decision right at that moment that i will no longer carry with me such a burden and ill change drastically physically and mentally. While still working on the mental part, things changed and the sun once again shines on our street.
 It wasn`t enough that i worked last night until 4am, today i had the opportunity to work with one of the greatest fashion designer and celebrity photographer -Domingo Joseph- who exceeded every expectation of mine being welcoming, friendly and really professional. Being already in this business for a while, i`ve seen plenty and let me tell u there`s more than ``what meets the eye`` my friend. There`s always a famous someone that wants to fix your underwear or help you trim your belly hair. I will be honest to tell u that a 3hour shoot can be really tiring. All i wanted to do after was eat an american pie and half a gallon of milk which I helped myself to. Even if i had a rough summer with alot of disappointments, the way I'm going is up and i am pleased to present the new and improved Me ! -i think i could look pretty okay Even in a potato bag :).
 I just want to thank all those that offered me their support and help and i am deeply indebted to them. More Good things to come !
Everybody, lets appreciate art !

Thursday, September 9, 2010

what a joy!

  My mother gave me the greatest advice. Whenever you are depressed or sad, go out the street and help a stranger. Do a kind thing, tell a joke or offer charity to a needy one.
  Today is just a simple day but by helping someone can be the highlight of your day. Thats what i did. A little work a little play and Jonny isn`t a dull boy anymore.
  Two dozen pink roses I bought for my girlfriend Candice.
King Popi Booboo who is trashing again his spoken enemy ``little green frog``

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Why sports?

  All my life I've been into sports, if i was too weak to practice, i was watching. Having asthma is not an easy thing, when a seizure comes on, you breathe and the air stops in your chest- does not reach the lungs. My mother used to breathe together with me and my father would pick me up in his arms and show me the stars telling me stories. I used to go to bed every night and pray that i would get bigger and stronger, every night after coming home all bruised and with my ego crushed. It took a while, more like 17 years until things changed. When i grew up and got bigger, that`s all she wrote! From boxing at a young age with my best friends Peti, Gura, Grasu, Kurty going to ``Minexfor Deva Box`` and getting our asses beat up bad by the old ones. I remember old ``Maister Benea`` used to ask us: ``You have to go with your girlfriend in a bad neighbourhood, what you going to do? You are going to get home barefoot and your girlfriend abused! Don't let that happen!`` When i opened my Massage parlour in Romania long time ago i told my father i couldn't work until 5.30 because i had training at 6 and he was shaking his head in disapproval. In Romania, working out or doing martial arts is more of a shame than something to be proud of like an accomplishment. Less than 1% would agree to their son being a champion Bodybuilder. It is hard to choose a different path than the rest of your family and make them understand and accept your decision. Lifting weights was my biggest love. I am the rule that contradicts the saying: lifting weights keeps you from growing up when in your teenage years. It helped me get to 6 ft. and strengthened my lungs and everything else. I can guarantee you that. Parents if they want, send your children to fitness, boxing, swimming, etc. They`ll do it anyways without you knowing.

good morning, new york city

  Let me tell you, mornings in Manhattan are just like any other, just that you are waking up in the center of the world doesn't mean you are special. You do the morning chores the same way like everybody else around  the globe. Wash your face and teeth and - walk Popi (my dog). He is not 100% house broken or trained so i have to rush, rush, talk and trick him a little bit so he doesn't sneak up on me and go in the bathroom or closet and make me a morning gift. We neutered him and i am so happy that we did. He is my pride, glory, fame and happiness. I usually think of myself as a man`s man and did not want to chop off his manhood, but i did it a month ago and it changed him totally. He is still playful and crazy, but doesn't mark territories in the house anymore and pays more attention to his Master ( Me :).
  You can always prepare for an adventure when going for ``a walk``. I usually go out in my PJ and get different approaches -it`s a woman with her french poodle who gives me the ``don't look/talk or let your dog smell mine`` look or it might be a ``rainbow man`` who in his rush to work, stops to pet my dog and quickly takes a look at my pajama fly. Hurry, praise the creature when he goes no. 2 and rush home.
  Another day, another story.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Losing time Rumane

   From a family of intellectuals and journalists, came Radu. From a forgotten communist country with a lost identity rulled by corruption, money, power and fear. The land of Count Dracula and Gypsies. This creature which was meant for abortion...Always in the shadow, an asthmatic, shy child spoiled by his loving familly and mother Delia.
  There is much to be said and we better get started. The bottom line about opening this blog is to be close to my mother, family and friends. Between my work, training, walking my Chinese Crested dog -Popi and .. the other stuff, i decided to write. I promise you stories you've never heard before and pictures, lots of them. We keep it simple and to the subject !

subway pic

as you can see, this is what ppl do in the subway and they complain that there are a lot of pervs around...