Friday, December 10, 2010

Things i Like, keep and collect !

I love my dog Popi Boo called Shmigol.
I love my Job, I always wanted to be a good trainer. Now under the supervision of Rich Barretta i can excel in my work.
I like to help people evan if most of the time i let go from my goals to please them. It completes me.
I love Protein, Supplements and i like to know as much as i could about them.
I love when old fashion people contradict me about Supplements and i can explain and amaze or upset them.
I need to be Humble evan if i am right.
I enjoy my hobby (its a secret for the people back home) i want to realize it by March 2011
I love Healthy Cheap food - Pump, Energy Kitchen, Taco Expres.
I love to save my money. Cash is King!
I love Theater, Broadway shows and Opera.
I used to love READING.
I love to travel.
I like jewelry that i gather and colect.
I love watches, i am mesmerized by them but would never wear one.
Im thinking i will open a luxury watches store some day.

More to come !

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