Wednesday, September 8, 2010

good morning, new york city

  Let me tell you, mornings in Manhattan are just like any other, just that you are waking up in the center of the world doesn't mean you are special. You do the morning chores the same way like everybody else around  the globe. Wash your face and teeth and - walk Popi (my dog). He is not 100% house broken or trained so i have to rush, rush, talk and trick him a little bit so he doesn't sneak up on me and go in the bathroom or closet and make me a morning gift. We neutered him and i am so happy that we did. He is my pride, glory, fame and happiness. I usually think of myself as a man`s man and did not want to chop off his manhood, but i did it a month ago and it changed him totally. He is still playful and crazy, but doesn't mark territories in the house anymore and pays more attention to his Master ( Me :).
  You can always prepare for an adventure when going for ``a walk``. I usually go out in my PJ and get different approaches -it`s a woman with her french poodle who gives me the ``don't look/talk or let your dog smell mine`` look or it might be a ``rainbow man`` who in his rush to work, stops to pet my dog and quickly takes a look at my pajama fly. Hurry, praise the creature when he goes no. 2 and rush home.
  Another day, another story.

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