Saturday, September 18, 2010

My first Baseball game

 went yesterday with my friends R and M de papi, to Flushing stadium for my first Baseball game.      The NY METS vs. ATLANTA BRAVES
 I didn't feel like and always tough it was a boring long game where nothing is happening. Wrong!!
 It`s a experience and you have to go. The place is huge, going up the escalator i got up and all the bright shinny lights hit me, the green field and the people swarming around like little ants. The place was 50% full but it still looked like allot of people gathered around.
  Well the baseball game was about to start, on the green, 5 little green soldiers and a tired lady singing the National American An tom. She was the daughter of The guy who sells the Goya beans. They gave 10 thousand pounds of food to the poor so she got to sang the Song. I guess more MSG coming our way soon, get ready. It gets me furious! Well.. we`ll talk about that next time.
 -None knew when they started, i personally tough the little ants down there where still warming up. And it was cold! oo it got cold!
 I didn't eat all day and i always heard people talking about the foods at the stadium so i went to get foods!
They had the famous Shake Shak so i had do indulge- it got to 4 burgers, 1 chicken something, 3 beers lots of onions and tomatoes. All this got to 50$ . After i ate and Alcoholized the game seemed interesting, oo now i understand!! We started goofing around to the camera, starting waves that no one continued and bugging the people sitting in  front, back and to the sides :) . Game over, get to the 7train get home at 12. Had fun, ate bad good foods, got drunk, bugged people, what else could u want from a Baseball game?
good nigh
Radu drunk at the Stadium

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