Friday, December 24, 2010

quick Power neck and abs

what a nice and quiet place!

its 24 December 2010 guys. Christmas eve and the weather is unusual good so i could not resist to rush in the park and do a bit of strenght exercises to burn out all the good sweets and fats i am putting in this season. I could not refuse any so i must keep up with the food i am taking in ! Hope you don't get scarred
                                                           -Merry Christmas to y'all !!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

This Christmas i gave you 4 dollars

With my very first pair of Jordan's i also got a pair of laces to save the people of Africa. Nike has said that it will donate a 100% of the profits from this sale to the Lives of Africa.
   Beware people -This laces have been designed to fight Aids in Africa.
If buying a pair of laces it`s all it takes to stop Aids i am thrilled to help and will happily take one thoe, i didn't buy them. :))
-What else can i say, i think the shoes look pretty cool with the red laces and they will bring me lots of income as i will wear them only on specific occasions.

Woow !

Look what Santa brought me ! A brand new pair of Squirrels :)) in my attic. Last night my dog was barking like a mad dog and i wanted to kill him ! He knew better, king of the house and look what we discovered. We trapped them really quick and will be set into the wilds soon. Lucky ones !
 This made me remember when i was a kid at my grandpa`s house we had allot of water leaks and swarming around in the dark allot of rats. We would set up huge cages almost as big as a little man would fit in there. Right the next morning the ugliest screams woke me up, just like a baby shouting from the bottom of his soul. My grandpa was holding up one of the cages with the biggest rat i ever saw in my life, the tail was twice as long and with hair, he had the ugliest teeth. I'm getting chills all over just remembering Brrr...  Bunelu said ``Look here what i have for you a Guzgan ``(that's how we used to call the big ones).
He put the cage down and with a huge screwdriver started to stab the rat. It took a few tries until the first one pierced him and the blood started flowing and it took at least another 25 times until he was silenced. Those where the ugliest screams i ever heard in my life.
And the moral of the story is: -Kids, don't try this at home please, unless you have a tough grandfather next to you !
                                           This two got lucky, this Christmas
I'm getting chills just looking at this one. I know i would not want to spend the night in there.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A piece of wisdom

   Like i said, not all Legends are about Victory. Some are about struggle, tears and pain. Finding out who you are and the reason for being here. Some times our greatest fears give us the power to stay driven, focused and strong.
There is always a little fire left Evan after the biggest storms !

                                              This is a special message for someone dear to me.

A put away diamond will never stop shinning . It just has to come back to light !

Friday, December 10, 2010

Things i Like, keep and collect !

I love my dog Popi Boo called Shmigol.
I love my Job, I always wanted to be a good trainer. Now under the supervision of Rich Barretta i can excel in my work.
I like to help people evan if most of the time i let go from my goals to please them. It completes me.
I love Protein, Supplements and i like to know as much as i could about them.
I love when old fashion people contradict me about Supplements and i can explain and amaze or upset them.
I need to be Humble evan if i am right.
I enjoy my hobby (its a secret for the people back home) i want to realize it by March 2011
I love Healthy Cheap food - Pump, Energy Kitchen, Taco Expres.
I love to save my money. Cash is King!
I love Theater, Broadway shows and Opera.
I used to love READING.
I love to travel.
I like jewelry that i gather and colect.
I love watches, i am mesmerized by them but would never wear one.
Im thinking i will open a luxury watches store some day.

More to come !