Sunday, November 7, 2010

World Heavy Weight Tittle at 45 years old !

How is it possible 20years later after losing the title to come back and win it over again?
George Foreman did it !
in my opinion he is the smartest Boxing athlete in worlds history!
so what does it takes to do that ? ill tell u right away
Power of will.
Devotion,  Hard Work, Lots of Tears, Sweat and Headaches plus a crazy dieting.
Shattered dreams that haunt you and you need to solve them. - Don't we all have one of that ?? i mean after getting my ass down to the canvas by Muhammad Ali i would just want to dig my own hole and lay down there forever.
Foreman comes back, goes down and dirty at age 45 diets to a 250pownds and wins the world title after a Knockout in the 10th.round. Plus he builds a Huge Millions making empire and has a tight big people family in Texas.
Yes my friends a Knockout, when do you see this days a clean nice knockout? ill tell u, since Mike Tyson!
-Knockout power is called. That is what most Violent athletes this days are missing.
i want to see fights with people get knocked out clean.. Who's with me ?

 This is Foreman punching Muhammad Ali in the gut! He got knocked out that day at the famous Rumble in the Jungle that everybody is raving about and remembers.
  Check him out today in his garage at home in Texas, i don't know about you but i would be nice and comfortable living in there, no questions asked !

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