Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Why sports?

  All my life I've been into sports, if i was too weak to practice, i was watching. Having asthma is not an easy thing, when a seizure comes on, you breathe and the air stops in your chest- does not reach the lungs. My mother used to breathe together with me and my father would pick me up in his arms and show me the stars telling me stories. I used to go to bed every night and pray that i would get bigger and stronger, every night after coming home all bruised and with my ego crushed. It took a while, more like 17 years until things changed. When i grew up and got bigger, that`s all she wrote! From boxing at a young age with my best friends Peti, Gura, Grasu, Kurty going to ``Minexfor Deva Box`` and getting our asses beat up bad by the old ones. I remember old ``Maister Benea`` used to ask us: ``You have to go with your girlfriend in a bad neighbourhood, what you going to do? You are going to get home barefoot and your girlfriend abused! Don't let that happen!`` When i opened my Massage parlour in Romania long time ago i told my father i couldn't work until 5.30 because i had training at 6 and he was shaking his head in disapproval. In Romania, working out or doing martial arts is more of a shame than something to be proud of like an accomplishment. Less than 1% would agree to their son being a champion Bodybuilder. It is hard to choose a different path than the rest of your family and make them understand and accept your decision. Lifting weights was my biggest love. I am the rule that contradicts the saying: lifting weights keeps you from growing up when in your teenage years. It helped me get to 6 ft. and strengthened my lungs and everything else. I can guarantee you that. Parents if they want, send your children to fitness, boxing, swimming, etc. They`ll do it anyways without you knowing.

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