Thursday, December 23, 2010

Woow !

Look what Santa brought me ! A brand new pair of Squirrels :)) in my attic. Last night my dog was barking like a mad dog and i wanted to kill him ! He knew better, king of the house and look what we discovered. We trapped them really quick and will be set into the wilds soon. Lucky ones !
 This made me remember when i was a kid at my grandpa`s house we had allot of water leaks and swarming around in the dark allot of rats. We would set up huge cages almost as big as a little man would fit in there. Right the next morning the ugliest screams woke me up, just like a baby shouting from the bottom of his soul. My grandpa was holding up one of the cages with the biggest rat i ever saw in my life, the tail was twice as long and with hair, he had the ugliest teeth. I'm getting chills all over just remembering Brrr...  Bunelu said ``Look here what i have for you a Guzgan ``(that's how we used to call the big ones).
He put the cage down and with a huge screwdriver started to stab the rat. It took a few tries until the first one pierced him and the blood started flowing and it took at least another 25 times until he was silenced. Those where the ugliest screams i ever heard in my life.
And the moral of the story is: -Kids, don't try this at home please, unless you have a tough grandfather next to you !
                                           This two got lucky, this Christmas
I'm getting chills just looking at this one. I know i would not want to spend the night in there.

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