Monday, September 13, 2010

hello Asbury Park

  Another sleepless night of mine surfing the internet and playing -Warcraft Dota- made me rememer the nice passed summer witch i spent at the Jersey Shore. Its a small town and quiet but i found something to fill my time with. There is a Fighting Gym there called Real Fighting Gym run by -sensei Brian Wright- he also owns a line of clothing and training gear that keeps him busy.
  There are a lot of nice guys, good, hard working fighters - i was most impressed by Rich not just his martial arts skills but his devotion to martial arts and calm nature that sets him above the mediocre member of a small town gym. As they say, a small dimond shines the same, evan a small town like Asbury Park can shine and the reason is Real ! If you are around the area and into martial arts, i suggest you give the place a try. Most mma places focus more on the whole package, but Real has a separate Boxing class which i personally like.
  i have a surprise for you of course

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