Sunday, September 12, 2010

keeping busy!

Today starts with a story from when after 2 years of America, one day at my work, while doing massage i lifted my shirt up and i was terrified. I couldn`t see my fly because of the belly i got from eating Mc.Dees, cheese pies, chocolate chip cookies and all thoes US famous sweets. The next day one of my good friends took me to the Metropolitan Museum of Art here in New York and showed me the statue of a Greek god praising me that i might be the today reincarnation of the statues. I was big yes! Little that he knew, i was dressed and the shame was under the nice and expensive Silk shirt.
 I made a decision right at that moment that i will no longer carry with me such a burden and ill change drastically physically and mentally. While still working on the mental part, things changed and the sun once again shines on our street.
 It wasn`t enough that i worked last night until 4am, today i had the opportunity to work with one of the greatest fashion designer and celebrity photographer -Domingo Joseph- who exceeded every expectation of mine being welcoming, friendly and really professional. Being already in this business for a while, i`ve seen plenty and let me tell u there`s more than ``what meets the eye`` my friend. There`s always a famous someone that wants to fix your underwear or help you trim your belly hair. I will be honest to tell u that a 3hour shoot can be really tiring. All i wanted to do after was eat an american pie and half a gallon of milk which I helped myself to. Even if i had a rough summer with alot of disappointments, the way I'm going is up and i am pleased to present the new and improved Me ! -i think i could look pretty okay Even in a potato bag :).
 I just want to thank all those that offered me their support and help and i am deeply indebted to them. More Good things to come !
Everybody, lets appreciate art !

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