Tuesday, September 14, 2010

6 best foods?

  I'm starting every day now lately with fruits, not any fruits but berries ! On a empty stomach right after waking up i take a fistfull of this little round sour things and get going around the block munching on them with a ridiculous expression on my face.
   I remember in high school we had clarinet auditions on stage with a lot of people as guests. There was always were a few of my friends licking on a Lemon while others were performing on stage. You can just imagine what was happening.
  This Chinese doctor that recived the Nobel price for Nutrition last year said ``whenever you put something in your mouth and it tastes good, spit it out! It`s bad for you." I guess everyone can take that as they want :) .. if you know what i mean.
  I have my own advice i give to all my friends and clients. - If you want the machine to function properly, put the right Gas inside!
Take a guess before i start listing the 6 Best things for your body to eat:

-Red wine-  house made with no sweetners added (im not alcoholic, 1 glass leads to finishing the bottle)
-Red Meat-  fish/salmon                                        (try different kinds, salmon tends to get dry and tasteless)
-Blueberries-     Told ya                                        (i like them, it helps me alot, i recommend :)
-Nuts-         they specify alamonds                        (most of them salted, makes the body retain water)
-Brocoli-     well..                                                 (makes you fart, i prefer fruits in front of veggies)-Yogurt--Yogurt-     HomeMade! Anyone, can i borrow a cow? (the sugary things they sell everywhere will give you diabetes and its strictly about the house made kefir, trust me, i know!

My advice- Set a personal recod in everything and improve it with every move! When eating, MODERATION is Key! Have a little of everything, enjoy simple things like food that life has to offer. Don't go on strict diets that will depress you or start starving yourself.
The little things in life like preparing a meal, walking the dog, woking, helping people is what really makes us happy!

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