Saturday, March 19, 2011

my Bday Gift !

Dear Friends, family, fans and readers- this is my birthday gift !
in my country we say, too much talking no good ! so just take a look !

 Life after 40 can get difficult especially after being feed crap for decades ! Eric is a man that achieved this with the hardest work possible. It is not just physical but most of all mental, a life stile !
 I will be honest with you, not anyone can achieve this !!
Don't be fooled many have tried, little reached that !
   You have to devote your full time, effort, Mind, funds... your life to me .
i ask for total respect and obedience! You listen to me and don`t ask any questions. I am your Jesus Christ and the stuff i make you do is your Bible or Torah !
  Eric has allot of battles to fight but he is winning this one ! I am really proud ! you are not just my client but my Friend ! You make me want to fight and stay strong !

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