Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pop Boo in my arms

after a long day of work, a well deserved to my little angel

First one is a Experiment. Second comes fact !

People this CAN be done !!


this is how we learn to appreciate the small gifts that life is offering us and we dont evan know, as a glass of water can be!
Let me tell you, even the wildest stallion can be tamed.
Here we did not tame any think we just got from a baked potato to a Space Ship.
This is where your life starts. Enjoy the best looking summer of your life buddy !

atlantic city

I`we got my second pair of Jordans on my last trip to Atlantic City ! Good looking people here and bigger things soon to come !

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Time for a Big Accomplishment !

After a week vacation in dear Minnesota and at least 1 cherry pie a day, returning home to old New York City i was invited at the Famous photographic company CALUMET to pose.
Coming from a family with a strong photographic background the camera used is a
 Cannon EOS 5d mark ii

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Snap Shot of the day !

-paparazzi this days !!
You cant enjoy a mid day nap with your favorite after a long night of work.. They bother you !
What where this creatures dreaming of !? Bones and $$$ - who`s who ? or... isn`t it the same thing ? :)

my Bday Gift !

Dear Friends, family, fans and readers- this is my birthday gift !
in my country we say, too much talking no good ! so just take a look !

 Life after 40 can get difficult especially after being feed crap for decades ! Eric is a man that achieved this with the hardest work possible. It is not just physical but most of all mental, a life stile !
 I will be honest with you, not anyone can achieve this !!
Don't be fooled many have tried, little reached that !
   You have to devote your full time, effort, Mind, funds... your life to me .
i ask for total respect and obedience! You listen to me and don`t ask any questions. I am your Jesus Christ and the stuff i make you do is your Bible or Torah !
  Eric has allot of battles to fight but he is winning this one ! I am really proud ! you are not just my client but my Friend ! You make me want to fight and stay strong !

Friday, February 18, 2011

United Nations !!

Look what i found at my latest visit to the UN center here in NewYorkCity. It is such joy to see this little things that brought happy memories from the old country !

The little peasant lady dressed in national costume. We had one in the old house at Ocna Sibiului where my grandpaa was a train station coordinator, it was all gray and dusty but it was there :)